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I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long.   It’s been a real hectic last few weeks.

It all comes back to my previous post in where I had a super big surprise on October 24th, but didn’t want to jinx it.

Ready for it…?

Ok, here goes:

I bought a house.

No foolin’.

All by myself, no man, no co-signer, no nothing, I bought a 6 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath fixer-upper in Pitt Meadows, and I couldn’t be more excited and terrified all at once.

I’m twenty-six years old.

I’ve just achieved what some people work their whole lives for.  I’m pretty fuckin’ pumped.  I’ve been looking at houses online for the past year, and then FINALLY  sold my apartment with a healthy profit, and found this place on my first day of in-person house hunting.   It was too much of an insane steal that I couldn’t pass it up, even WITH the work that needs to be put into it, I’m saving at least 40 grand right off the bat.

Granted, I’ll be paying it off for the next thirty-five years, but the fact that the bank says I’m allowed to, has me shitting bricks.


This is awesome.




Now, whenever I have a bad day, I just think of Marshell-er, um, Marcel.

It’s real hard to stay bummed after three minutes and twenty seconds of a little one eyed shell.


This is hilarious AND I can’t stop watching… ohh man. 

Cazwell is the tits, for reals.

Sooooooo I finally grabbed my new gems today in between shifts at work, and could NOT be happier.  Kiiiinda in major love with my new glasses.

Juuuuust a wee bit!!

The funny part is I almost love my “backup” pair MORE than the ones I was going apeshit over at the store…

I had to post pics, I don’t even care that I’m wearing pyjamas and I look like a poodle.   I LUHHHH my glasses.

I’m sure I’ll be sick of them by next week, when I remember I hate glasses.

Oh well! Till then!

I’m just speechless. I must have.

Now, let me take a moment of silence for the Amazing Grace that are these boots.